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Why Outsourcing IT Support Can Benefit Your Business

As businesses grow and become more complex, so does their IT environment. When this happens, they either build an internal IT support function, which can be costly, expensive and partial in its scope of coverage, or they outsource the management of their IT to an external IT support provider.  

Given the complexities, costs and limitations of the first approach, the majority of businesses go with the latter. In this piece, we discuss the key reasons why outsourcing IT support, can offer an excellent return on investment, enabling your business to tap into technical expertise that contributes to your commercial success.  


6 Reasons Outsourcing Could Benefit Your Business 

We’ve broken down the key reasons why outsourced IT support can benefit your business, into six key categories:  

Cost savings 

As mentioned, building an in-house IT team can take some relatively big investments to get it up and running, these costs include salaries, training, tools and equipment. Outsourcing avoids much of these upfront costs, and because the provider will be specialised in serving businesses in this area, they bring more efficiency and streamlined solutions that enable you to get the best out of your IT environment, more quickly.  

These services can be paid for on a contractual basis with monthly fees, granting control and predictability over your IT budget, while also lowering costs in time and energy that would otherwise be spent on managing IT. Many IT support providers will also be able to tailor their offerings to your budget and priorities, helping your business to squeeze maximum value from its investments.  


Access to Expertise 

IT outsourcing provides access to a team of skilled, educated, and reliable professionals who are well trained to look after you IT system. They will also keep up to date with the latest industry trends, tips, tricks and technologies, benefiting your company as they can offer new, up-to-date solutions and advice. By partnering with an IT support provider, you can leverage a diverse and capable talent pool that can empower your day-to-day IT, cyber security, compliance efforts, and strategic goals with their technical expertise.  


Focus on Your Core Competencies 

Outsourcing your IT management enables your business to focus its energy and time into what it does best. The time that would otherwise be spent on troubleshooting, hiring and onboarding staff, configuring accounts and users, and network monitoring and maintenance, is freed up. Phew! By allocating time and energy according to specialisms, you magnify efficiency and value creation in your business.  


Scalability and Flexibility 

This applies both to the service itself, and your business’s ability to scale its systems with a growing number of clients and services being provided. IT support providers will know how to make your IT infrastructure streamlined and scalable, and be able to find and address bottlenecks and issues that get in the way of scalable growth. Service-wise, IT support can be scaled up and down with your needs, enabling your business to keep getting the best return on investment.  


Enhanced Security and Data Protection 

In today’s world, cyber security is crucial for sustained success, compliance, and maintaining an excellent reputation with customers and partners. IT support providers often specialise in cyber security, and bring a skillset that can secure your IT environment from cyber threats, with multiple layers of protection.  

They will also be able to find and fix vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, devices and user accounts, minimizing cyber risks, and their potential impact. The cyber security solutions that they offer include firewalls, intrusion detection systems, VPNs, cloud security and much more.  


Fast, 24/7 Technical Support 

Many providers offer 24/7 technical support that provides swift, convenient issue resolution when disruption occurs at the least convenient times. IT support providers such as our team at PAQ, offer fast response times, enabling your staff to get back on the road quickly. With round the clock support, you minimise the effect that downtime and disruption can have on your business, and with root-cause solutions, they prevent them from happening again and again.  



In conclusion, outsourcing IT support offers a range of benefits that can significantly enhance your business operations. These include considerable time and cost savings, more capacity to focus on what you do best, robust cyber security protection, scalability for your business, and reliable round the clock support that you can depend on. If you’re looking to tap into these benefits, outsourcing your IT support is certainly worthy of consideration.  

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