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Delivering the 75% that most IT companies don’t.

Your Servers, PC’s and Network are important but only 25% of the whole picture.

Are you missing out on the opportunity to make your IT a strategic competitive driver for your business?

Learn about KAIZEN 360, our programme for your success through technology.

Peace of Mind

Empower Efficiency

Propel Profitability

Unleash the Power of Technology on the Field

Peace of Mind

Empower Efficiency

Propel Profitability

Unleash the Power of Technology on the Field

We're like other IT companies...
only better.

You have likely found that most IT providers are pretty good at fixing computers when they break. Being pretty reactive in your moment of need to get you back working again.

This is without a doubt a vital component of any IT company worth their salt…and is one that we think should be simply taken as a given.

As a modern business, you will quite rightly have technology woven into almost everything that you do. IT is a driver, an enabler; something that helps you to deliver a better service to your customers, more effectively, and more profitably.

For these very reasons, you deserve far more from your IT company.

A partner that has a plan; a partner that helps you to grow and evolve, not in spite of technology, but as a result of fully leveraging the benefits that IT can bring.

Welcome to KAIZEN 360, your success through technology.

Business-focused IT Consultancy.

Analysis, guidance, planning and alignment of technology to your business needs & goals.

Proactive Helpdesk IT Support.

Rapid response support for when things go wrong. Proactive maintenance that prevents issues.

Technology as a Managed Service.

Supply of perfect-fit technology hardware, software and services that is tailored to your needs.


To ensure that you continually get the utmost from your technology, we have some very simple, yet highly effective, proven processes that we continue to deliver in an infinite cycle.

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“PAQ IT are a great company to deal with, very trustworthy; they understand our business and where we need to go. They are always on the end of the line, I can always contact them, which is so assuring for me.”

Hugh Sheehy



How do we do it?

In order to make you continually successful by fully harnessing the power that technology can bring, we have a proven process of learning, strategising and advising – with a focus on business and process, ahead of the IT.

We listen.

To help you on the road to achieving your goals, we take the time to learn about your business.


We think.

Shaping a solution that tackles your obstacles, and empowers growth, requires a unique plan.


We advise.

A partnership that helps you best align technology to the business, and leverage its full capabilities.


“Looking back, we’re not sure how we could have done it without them…”

Michelle Kilcar


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Technology that delivers business success.

Achieving harmony between your business and its technology will permit you the ability to fully leverage all its capabilities; benefits that add to your bottom line, providing a continuous return on your investment.

“Having a true partnership with our IT providers is essential to the smooth running of our business. PAQ IT has been that partner for the last 10 years and I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Eoghan Geraghty

| Geraghty Joinery

  • Fears alleviated, peace of mind secured

    Our mission is to give you far greater visibility and direction of what is happening with your business. We ensure that your data is secured, your compliance requirements achieved and any threats to that are identified and mitigated; all while keeping you informed and in control.

  • Productivity enhanced, efficiency improved

    We make technology far more accessible and tailored to the needs of your processes and people. By understanding your business and providing your team with the right education and support; your people will be empowered to provide an improved level of service to customers .

  • Budget in-hand, profitability increased

    By overcome risks and getting control, harnessing technology to improve workflow and output, and through improved staff & customer engagement; combined with a practical roadmap and budget, you will reap the rewards of increased profitability and security for the future.

Are you looking to grow your business into the future?


Managed IT Services designed to support your business success.


Helping you to fully leverage the power of technology in order to achieve your business goals more quickly and easily.


Empower agility, flexibility and efficiency in your business with the range of services available within the Microsoft Cloud.

Cyber Security

Maintain the privacy of your sensitive data with best practice technical defences, policies and training for your team.

IT Support Helpdesk

Fast and friendly IT Support Helpdesk to resolve problems as they arise, while proactively maintaining your IT environment.

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The team look forward to meeting you!

They'll bring the coffee and donuts to your office and discuss with you about how your business can grow, by leveraging the power of IT.