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How Generative AI Will Transform Cybersecurity

Microsoft last week announced that, just as it did with .NET years ago, it will be putting generative AI into everything, including cybersecurity. Back in the .NET days, I joked

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Stop settling for 25% from technology

KAIZEN 360 – A Programme for Your Success Through Technology You think your technology is ok; your staff come in and get on with their jobs then go home –

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The essential role of AI in cloud technology

The future of AI and cloud technology integration As multiple industries shift more into the world of cloud computing, talks of Artificial Intelligence (AI) integration in order to enhance cloud performance has

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Why API cyber attacks are one of the biggest threats this year

API growth is presenting opportunity for cyber criminals APIs are big business with the adoption of  application programming interfaces (APIs) estimated to grow dramatically this year. According to Forrester Research, commissioned by Imperva,