Ever before this current crisis hit, new technologies and changing corporate policies have resulted in remote work becoming more common than ever before.

While remote work offers numerous benefits for both employees and employers, it can also present some challenges and vulnerabilities. Ensuring the security of your systems and data is a big concern for employers.

Here is a simple checklist you need to run by your IT team. The answers should all be YES!

1. Protect your data

  • Do we know for sure that our backups are working?
  • Does data stored on a home user’s drive get backed up?
  • Does our central data storage have versioning?
  • Do we have a Data Loss Prevention system running?

2. Protect your remote devices

  • Do we have multi-factor authentication set up for our systems?
  • Will our anti-virus, anti-malware and patching tools automatically update for home users?
  • Has everyone who’s working from home signed a communications and internet usage policy?
  • Have we given cybersecurity training to the team within the last six months?
  • Are our legal policies appropriate for people working remotely and at home?

3. Protect your network

  • Do we use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to connect remote users to the company network?
  • Is our email system encrypted, and has DKIM, DMARC and SPF been set up on the Domain?
  • Do we have mobile device management systems controlling all mobile equipment on the network?
  • Do we have an appropriate system usage and data management policy?
  • Are business applications configured to provide least-access privileges?

4. Protect yourselves

  • Is our video conferencing protected and are calls secure?
  • Do we have the right checks in place to stop us losing money through fraud?
  • Are our remote support tools secured against rogue access?



PAQ are in business since 2002.  We have recently developed a secure and simple to use platform which allows you and your employees to work from home in the exact same way as you do in the office – all without the need for troublesome VPNs or remote control applications such as TeamViewer.

For more information please call 1850 589589 or email myworkspace@paqit.com